Apart from the obvious wine tourism benefits, the FINE Breede MTB’s main goal is to raise funds for our local Primary School.

Breërivier Primary School has approximately 50 learners between Grade 1 and Grade 7. As most schools they are dependent on fundraising to continue the very high standard of teaching offered to learners, and the Fine Breede MTB is one of 2 major fundraising events they have.

Teachers and parents make up 95% of the work force at the event, responsible for layout and marking of route, registration, marshalling, manning the food stalls and water points.
We rely greatly on the support of our sponsors. Thanks to their continuous support, we are able to host such a high quality event and raise funds at the same time. We thank them sincerely.

With parents, teachers and businesses taking hands, the Fine Breede MTB truely is a community effort.

2019 sponsors